Why Our Beautiful and Quality Homes are Affordable

A number of people have asked us, well… more of, “questioned” us as to why we have affordable prices considering the high-cost style and finish of the houses that we build.  It is understandable how people are doing so because buying property is actually no joke.  Buying property is investing–not just your money, but also all the hard work and effort you put in earning that money.

Investing in real estate is knowing value for your money

On top of that, a lot of Filipinos have had bad experiences with certain developers.  One of the Philippines’ real estate developers with projects mainly in Cavite, has been facing numerous complaints left and right for very low-rate construction of their structures (unlatched roofing, excessive flooding, etc.).  Aside from that, this developer is being accused of “scamming” its clients, accepting payment but not turning over the house on the agreed period of time.  This is very unfortunate for the clients, especially the OFWs who just wish to park their hard-earned money in real estate only to be “scammed”.  You can read more about the reviews here and here.

A poster made by a group of victims of the alleged
A poster made by a group of victims of the alleged “scammer” real estate developer

So how are we any different?

We are not a DEVELOPER

First of all, we, Solid Pattern Corporation, are NOT a developer.  We are a construction company that specializes in high-end housing with customized designs at affordable rates and flexible terms.  We design homes and we build them according to our clients’ preferences.  In essence, we are a contractor.  Developers hire contractors to work on their projects, and this is why developers have higher prices to their projects since they are paying a good deal of money to their contractors.  We, on the other hand, do not need to hire any contractor because we are a contractor!  Our prices are all for the tools, materials, and labor involved in our projects.  Therefore, we have much more affordable prices.

You can have this house for only Php23,503/month!

Your Advantage With Us Over Other Contractors

How many horror stories have you heard about contractors not finishing their “already-paid” work?  This has been all too familiar among your family or your circle of friends, or maybe with you — after paying the contractor, they do a bit of construction work for you (maybe 10 or 20% worth of what you have paid them), then vanish into thin air.  Of course, your money vanishes with them, too.

Or, let’s talk about the typical contractors who surprisingly give you low, low prices… and of course, being the frugal and budget-conscious Pinoys that we are, we have the tendency to choose the low-priced quotes.  The lower the price, the better.  Little do we know that the quality of our home, our sanctuary, our haven for our family, is being sacrificed as well.  Solid Pattern is known for its high-quality materials such as:

  • Flooring: 60×60 ceramic floor tiles (Ground Floor)
  • Flooring: Laminated wood planks with base board (2nd Floor up)
  • Built-in Cabinets: Modular (Gloss-painted/Laminated Strips)
  • Kitchen counters: 60×60 Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain Tiles for Kitchen Counter
60×60 Homogeneous Tiles for the Ground Floor (like in high-end malls)


Another thing: contractors may have very affordable prices, but they rarely, if not at all offer terms and installments to their clients.  This is the advantage you have with us —  we are a contractor that offers flexible financing schemes.  Upon full payment of 20% downpayment (which can be paid spot, 6 months, or 12 months), plus misc. fees, we build the client’s house 100%!  The remaining 80% balance can be paid in 3, 5, 10, or 15 years through bank or Pag-Ibig financing.  This quite explains why we can offer our clients a Tagaytay dream home that’s just 5 minutes away from Sky Ranch for only Php 43,000+ a month!

Also, we are a one-stop-shop.  This means that we will not just design and build your house.  We will do all necessary paperwork and processing for you — this includes lot acquisition, bank approval assistance, transfer of land title, and coordination with necessary departments (municipal, homeowners, and developers).  With us, you don’t have to go through the inconvenient and hassle ways of applying for permits and lining up for hours in banks and government offices… we have a liaison officer who will do all these for you!  How’s this for professional contractor service?

To sum up everything:

* We are a construction company and contractor in one, therefore, our prices are at contractor’s price = AFFORDABLE!

* We do high-quality housing and we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients when it comes to safety and quality.  All our projects have 25 years structural warranty.

* We are a contractor that offers flexible terms and installments.  Upon payment of 20% dp, plus miscellaneous fees (covers all necessary costs in applying for permits, transfer of land title, etc.), we build the house 100%!

* We are a contractor who delivers what we promise.  Submit to us complete requirements, and we will cover everything, even a groundbreaking event to celebrate Day 1 of construction and your much-awaited house warming celebration!

Affordable. Flexible. Quality. Hassle-Free. This is Solid Pattern Home Builders Corp.

SP logo low res

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