House Construction At Its Best

We started this year 2016 with a bang! On the first work day of 2016, Mr. Solomon Espina closed a deal with a client for residential construction. After 1.5 months of communicating online with this OFW client of his, the client requested for a site tripping to see one of Solid Pattern’s model houses. Unsurprisingly, he was impressed by the beauty and the quality of the house, convincing him to have his house built with the same outstanding quality inside and outside. He reserved on January 4, making this the Icebreaker Sale of Solid Pattern this 2016!

This has given our client the privilege to suggest his desired house designs, and we are just as excited as he is! One BIG advantage of all our clients is that they get to choose their own design, and once final, it is patented exclusively for them. Our clients are not limited to uniformed model houses of developers, because we let them customize their own home from floor to ceiling, from inside to outside.

Sharing with you some of our dear client’s suggested designs, which of course, our Technical Team is taking into consideration.

Disclaimer: None of these are Solid Pattern’s designs.


* This design is not owned by Solid Pattern. All rights reserved to the maker of this perspective.



* This design is not owned by Solid Pattern. All rights reserved to the maker of this perspective.



* This design is not owned by Solid Pattern. All rights reserved to the maker of this perspective.


Other details were also suggested by our client, including a two-door Main Entrance.




All of these details are freely customized by the client, and noted by the Technical Team.  The final house design will be approved by the client, of course.

One thing that makes us stand out from other contractors is that we are your one-stop-shop in all your construction requirements.  Our work does not begin and end with construction.  Part of our work is also processing all necessary paperwork and all those inconvenient applications for permits, etc. We will do all those hassle work for you!

And if that is not enough, part of our package is the Groundbreaking Event for our client’s construction.  We encourage our clients to invite up to 20 of their family and friends to celebrate Day 1 of their house construction — we will cover invitations, ribbons, flags, flowers, balloons, tent, tables & chairs, and even snacks!

We will extend the celebration even up to Housewarming / House Blessing! Invite up to 50 people to this momentous event, and we will cover invitations, ribbons, flowers, balloons, tables & chairs, and 1 whole lechon!  How’s that for a contractor?  We are the only contractor that offers these products and services, truly making us your one-stop-shop!  Indeed, “We Deliver What We Promise”.

And of course, one thing Solid Pattern would truly boast of that makes it apart from other contractors is the FLEXIBILITY in payment terms, making it affordable.  Having your dream home built does not have to be complicated and overly expensive — all you need is a trusted contractor who will give you the right options for your dream home.  With us, we make it simple and easy to have the home you have always dreamed of.  We value what you desire for yourself and for the people you love by building your home with the right quality, professional and hassle-free services, and flexible payment terms.  This is our guarantee.

Here’s a snapshot of our client’s conversation with Mr. Espiña:


We are just as excited as all our clients!  Truly, this is house construction at its best.  This is why we say, “We Don’t Just Construct — We Build Trust.”


Do you want to have your house constructed at its best?

Contact us now!

Solomon Espiña – (0977) 8198494 /

Lalaine Espiña – (0977) 8198570 /




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