Tips for Building Your Dream Home

So, you’re an existing lot owner, and have decided to build a structure from ground zero.  It could be a family home, a rest house, a townhouse for rent, an apartment for lease — in short, you finally want to make the most out of your real estate investment or your family inheritance.  This requires careful and thorough planning to make sure that you do not leave out anything for a smooth home-building process.  Below are some of the most useful tips to turn that vision of an ideal residential or commercial structure into a reality — with less hassle and inconveniences.

Family home? Apartment? Commercial building? Make the most out of your property investments.


Tip #1: Determine Your Budget

You probably know that building a house would require some budget on your part.  If you already have the money, try to identify up to where your budget can take you.  How much money are you willing to allot as down payment?  If you are loaning from the bank or Pag-Ibig, do you have the complete requirements?  If the contractor offers installment terms, how much money are you willing to spend every month to pay for the construction?  How much money do you need to shell out to begin construction?  Your budget will also help you identify the kind of house or structure you want to be built — bungalow or 2-storey? With or without roof deck?

Real estate investment
Knowing your budget is step one

Tip #2: Find the Ideal Contractor

There are a lot of contractors in the market.  In general, there are actually 3 kinds with different markets: 1) low-end, 2) mid-end, and 3) high-end.  Some contractors have a standard price/sqm where they base their quotations. Here is a sample price range to identify:

  • Low-end – 19k/sqm and below
  • Mid-end – 20k/sqm to 29k/sqm
  • High-end – 30k/sqm and above

Low-end contractors usually turn over a house that is bare or semi-complete.  A house with bare finish basically does not have any tiles or divisions.  Most of them are not painted as well and do not have any built-in cabinets yet.

Sample of a bare unit


Mid-end and high-end contractors turn over a house that is complete, and basically they just differ in the kind of materials used, but not necessarily compromising the quality.  Floor and kitchen tiles are already included in the package, plus cabinets are all built-in already for the kitchen and the rooms.  The house is fully-painted as well — all you need to do is move in with your furniture and appliances.

“Complete finish” means the house is fully tiled and fully painted.
Homogenous tiles
Cove ceiling and customized floor tiles


Although a lot of contractors will promise you quality and professionalism at all costs, try to do a background check of the contractor or construction company you are speaking with.  You may have heard a lot of “fly-by-night” contractors from relatives or friends who, after receiving an amount of money from you, leave you and your dream house hanging and abandoned.  There are a lot of contractors who are legitimate and professional, and will ensure a smooth home-building process, but there are also a lot who take advantage of their clients in this industry.  It is crucial to find the right contractor for your construction needs.  Visit their office and request for a site viewing of their ongoing and finished projects.  Find out what they offer — do they cater to low-end, mid-end, or high-end?  What else can they offer you to make your home-building process convenient and hassle-free?


Tip #3: Consider all paperwork and permits required for construction

Construction requirements do not stop at labor and materials.  You must consider all necessary permits, including barangay and building permits to make everything legal and underway, and to make sure you are following the rules set by the National Building Code.  Take note that applying for all these paperwork and permits also takes a lot of time, money, and effort, as you would have to go to different institutions in applying for these — so if you want to process all of these on your own, make sure you have an ample amount of office “leaves” (if you’re employed).  Permit processing could get very tedious, and so if you could get a contractor that can arrange everything for you, the better.

Building permits are a must to make sure all proper technical, mechanical, electrical, and structural plans are met.


Tip #4: Have a visual peg of the structure you want to be built.

Any architect can give you a good design, but at least have an idea of what you want your house to look like.  Do you want a modern contemporary design? Zen type? Mediterranean? Classic? The list goes on for different designs, and it would be best to narrow down your choices by having visual pegs of what you want for your structure.  How many rooms do you want? Do you need a maid’s room? Do you want a family hall? Bring up all these details with your architect/contractor so that they can come up with a perspective floor plan and layout for you based on your preferences.

Mediterranean style
Modern style
Modern Zen style

It’s exciting to build your dream property — as long as you consider all the factors and find the right contacts to help you with your construction requirements.  Building your dream home is not a walk in the park, and so try to organize a team.  Of course, the most important member of that team would be your contractor and architect.  As you go along, you may want to add more members such as an interior designer or a landscape architect.  It depends on what you are aiming for and of course, your budget.


Tip #5: Embrace the journey.

You already have a vision of your dream home in mind.  Once you have finalized your contractor, see them as your partner in this home-building process.  Keep communication lines open to address issues.  As much as possible, stick to your original plans because changing your mind during the process will probably cost more time, effort, and money.  Just relax, give constructive criticism if needed, and enjoy the anticipation of your dream home!


We at Solid Pattern value our clients’ dreams and visions for your residential and/or commercial needs, and it is our aim to make it easy and simple for you.  We are a one-stop shop: we will design and build for you — just the way you want it, and assist you in the processing of all permits and paperwork.  Our construction packages are “tailor-fit” for all your construction demands.  What makes us even stand out among all other contractors is that we offer flexible payment terms, making home-building much more affordable.  Talk to us about what you want then we will present to you your options.  Choose the option most ideal for you then we will do everything for you.  It’s that simple.  Because with us, building your dream home doesn’t have to be complicated.

Happy family
Home-building can be affordable, flexible, and hassle-free


Are you ready to build your dream home?  Talk to us! 🙂

(0977) 8198570

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