Lalaine Chriselle C. Espiña

Lalaine Chriselle C. Espiña, Project Consultant, Stargazer Lily (SPHBC)

A preschool teacher at heart, Ms. Lalaine graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development and Education from one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines: University of Asia & the Pacific.  Having a profound love for teaching little children, she taught two to five year olds for 3 years in Integrow Children’s Acitvity Center in Shangri-La Mall, EDSA and Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Seeing the need of her father’s management company, Prime Associates International, for manpower, especially in business development and administrative management, she chose to support her father’s career as Business Development Manager for the said company.  This position led her to be immersed in the insurance and risk management industry, developing her skills in people relations, product development, online marketing, and business management.

When she and Mr. Solomon Espiña got married in 2010 and started a family, she became a full-time wife and mother as they resided in Taguig then moved to Caloocan. This is where she assisted her husband in managing the iconic bakery in Caloocan-MCU.  When they finally closed down the bakery due to financial issues, they decided to move to Cavite to take on a new challenge in the realty/construction industry.  She is now a Junior Project Consultant for Solid Pattern Corporation.

She is also a mommy blogger and freelance writer for some publications in the Philippines such as Baby Magazine.

She is presently loving her work as Project Consultant, as she gets to meet new people, write and blog about their services as part of their marketing strategy, enjoy site orientations and viewings in different places, and still spend quality time with her husband and their 4 little children.

Contact Details:

(0977) 8198570

(046) 4437491


One thought on “Lalaine Chriselle C. Espiña

  1. I’d like to commend you both Sol & Lala for doing an awesome job in putting up this site. It’s truly a labor of love because you believe in what you’re doing and you have the passion to help Pinoys to get affordable and beautiful homes.

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