Solomon R. Espiña

Solomon Espiña, Project Director, Stargazer Lily Group (SPHBC)

Coming from a business-minded family, Mr. Solomon Espiña has always had the mind and the works of an entrepreneur.  His exposure to managing food businesses, including their 33-year old bakery in Caloocan-MCU, has developed his skills in business management, product development, and customer satisfaction.  Unfortunately, he was forced to close down the business due to heavy competition and other financial issues last January 2015.

But the scripture that says, “When God closes a door, He opens another window” couldn’t be any truer when he was offered a job as Project Consultant of Solid Pattern Corporation.  Having little background in sales and zero experience in realty/construction, he boldly took on the challenge as he saw the immense opportunity in this industry and in the unique concept of the company.  He may have had a great loss when he closed down his bakery business, but he believes that God has led him to something greater.  This “something greater” is the amazing opportunity that he found in Solid Pattern Corporation.

Since he began in June 2015, he has learned a lot from his small beginnings as a Project Consultant.  He slowly learned and worked hard for his first sale by learning from experience.  He strove to improve himself and build up the company, which he so much believes in.  Seeing his potential, he is now one of the respected Project Directors of Solid Pattern, heading the Stargazer Lily Team.  He finds it a great privilege to help people see their options in wise property investments.

Sol is also a very talented musician — a pianist, guitarist, flutist, composer, and arranger. He plans to have his own recording studio in the near future.


Contact Details:

(0977) 8198494

(046) 4437491


One thought on “Solomon R. Espiña

  1. I’m so happy for both of you Sol & Lala for reaping what you have been sowing for many months now – more trusting clients who want to put their investment in your dream homes because they believe in your ability to deliver what you have committed to them.

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