Located at the southern territory of South Forbes is the Villas. The Villas brings in the charm of the sun-drenched Spanish Mediterranean coast with a selection of quaint homes.
Epitomizing a classic Spanish beauty, the Villas is warmed by sun-dazzled hues and European architectural nuances. Mature trees cooling the winding pathways that invite a leisurely stroll. And the safe open parks call for family gatherings and friendly chats with neighbors.
Choose from an array of two-storey unique model homes which caters to different preferences of the buyers – Castellon, Sevilla, Alicante, Cadiz, Almeria and Vitoria. Or choose to live in a bungalow, Costa del Sol is its residents can retire in comfort.
Theme: Spanish
Total Area: 33.04 has.
Number of Lots: 1,067 Lots
Lot Sizes: 150 sqm. and up




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